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Introducing a new content updating service!

Our clients can maintain the content on their sites with the powerful tools of the Joomla content management system. But many of them don't want to take the time away from their businesses.

So we are introducing a new service where WE will make the updates to your content and graphics and charge you a rate much lower than our development or programming rate. When we update your content, we will keep it consistent with the look of the site and photoshop your images to the correct size for the location on your site.

Just send us your content, and let us take care of the rest. We are offering this service to new clients as well as our existing clients.  Contact us for details.

Oh, and how about a 48 hour turn over time!



Gotham Websites - Full Service Web Development

Gotham Websites provides services for all your website needs. In addition to developing websites using the Joomla! content management system, we also create E-Commerce shops in Magento, help other Joomla developers with custom programming for their Joomla and Joomla components, and make recommendations for search engine optimization for your website project. And in our free time we create extensions for Joomla that we have created, and we are releasing them to help the Joomla community.

We are very proud of our staff. In addition to backend data specialists and programmers, we also have an art director and a content editor available for consultation.

Our clients range from small businesses to not-for-profit agencies. We've put our experience to good work on a wide variety of websites - from ECommerce sites selling $10,000 electric motors to magazine sites for Autism to Chamber of Commerce sites to large membership sites with complicated access levels.

Talk to us about developing a new site, redesigning your current site, or solving a custom programming issue.


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Free Extension Released

October 27, 2011 - We released our new Stay Open Plugin. Take a look at the Our Extensions page for information about what is does and how to use it.

On November 1st we will release our second extension, which I think is a very cool freebie that you may find some use for.


Another Free Extension Released

November 1, 2011 - Our new Paypal Donation module was released. Download it - its free! Easy to configure with configuration information in the tooltips. Hope you find it useful.

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